Learn the fastest way of build lean muscle mass.

The Guide 2 Gainz is my step by step guide to building your physique, that you can easily follow from your phone. 

This is a simple but highly effective combination of training and information that will rapidly transform your physique. 

You will be given an interactive program that is scientifically proven to build muscle as fast as possible. Then along the way, I will also educate you on how live a lifestyle that simply breeds results. 

You will be educated on diet, training, supplements and much more for the fastest possible results.

And if you get stuck, you can simply message me within the program and I will be there to help you out. 

The whole program is put into and app you can easily manage from your phone. 

My previous clients have said "It's like having a PT in your pocket".


  • Training: When you sign up to my Guide 2 Gainz you will be sent login in detail's for my training app, in there  a training programme for your specific goal be set up. In this app you will also find an optimal training schedule and exercises tutorial videos. 
  • Nutrition: You will be shown how to eat to support your training and recovery in a simple step by step format.
  • ​Online Lessons: Upon sign up you will also be granted access to my Members Area. In here you will find 6 month worth of lessons teaching you from the ground up how to build an insane physique. These lessons vary in topics such as nutrition, training and much more...
  • ​Online Community: When you sign up you will be added straight into my online community,  the online community is filled with like minded people to you, who are  striving for success. This makes for an even greater environment for getting the best possible results. Plus in here you can ask any questions if you get stuck. 
  • ​Exclusive Content: Once you have entered the online community you will also be granted access to my google drive account. In here you will find exclusive content for members only. This content includes many things such as meal plans, meal ideas and much more...

Here's Some of the RESULTS

Here's What Other's Had to Say...

Tommy Field 

"Since joining Bradleys Guide 2 Gainz a month or so ago, I have made massive progress in terms of my fitness journey. In the past month I’ve dropped nearly a stone while increasing the weight I can lift in all areas. The biggest thing for me has been my attitude towards workout out and my diet. Before the coaching group I always felt I was unstructured in my workouts and not pushing myself enough but with Bradleys workouts I now have structure and am definitely putting in a lot more effort! The workout plans have 100% made me feel more confident and motivated both in the gym and when working out at home. With the extra motivation in the gym also came my increased motivation with my diet. Again, finding structure in the plan Bradley provided paired with the extra effort being put in when working out, I have found it much easier sticking to a diet and staying away from the things I shouldn’t be eating. 
Having saw Bradley both on YouTube and Instagram as well as in the gym, I have seen that he is highly motivated to give his clients the best results possible and that he truly cares for the health and wellbeing of all clients. This is what convinced me that joining the coaching group was the right choice for me.
While at times it has been challenging sticking to my plan, I have kept myself motivated and can definitely see results showing! 
Bradley is always there for support and will answer any questions which has helped me greatly and proves that joining his group was the right choice for me!"
Jade Grimes

"Since starting with Brad on my fitness journey I have noticed sooo many changes in my body and just my general health. I feel fitter than I’ve ever felt, and I’m learning every week how to lose weight whilst maintaining a healthy balanced diet (without depriving myself completely of the things I like!) I can’t wait to see what the next few months will bring"
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